The 4th Album

It was confirmed a long time ago, that the Amy is working on her 4th studio album. Here is everything You should know about it 🙂

Amy played live 4 songs from the new album. The first one is Prepare To Fall which we heard for the first time in May 2014 in Hannover.

In September 2014, during the Scottish independence referendum, Amy was a guest at “The Night For Scotland” where she sang her another new song The Leap Of Faith.

That was the only one time she performed it. Amy kept playing Prepare To Fall at the festivals.

After about a year, Amy came back on facebook with the first official post about the upcoming 4th album. She changed the avatar and the background image. The new ‘Amy Macdonald’ logo was presented.


post 1

The official website also has changed.


She has visited the Abbey Road Studios, the very prestige recording studio, where many famous artists like Ellie Goulding, The Beatles, Florence + The Machine, Pink Floyd, The Killers and many more, recorded their songs.

On the 1st of June 2016 Macdonald had a gig in Switzerland, where debuted two new songs from the new album: Dream On, The Rise And Fall and the full-band version of Prepare To Fall.

After the Caribana Festival in Switzerland, we got new post on facebook and an acoustic snippet of studio acoustic version of Prepare To Fall.

The title of the 4th album is still unkown, but Amy tweeted that it will be released after the summer 2016. We can predict that probably the 4th album’s lead single will be Prepare To Fall.


That’s all about Amy’s upcoming album. Follow Amy Macdonald Daily on facebook and twitter for the news, and subscribe on YouTube for the new videos.


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